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  • User Description: Nidia Aleja TellezHaril Nagar this article is from before and they still haven’t mentioned if alcohol was a factor this time around.Nidia Aleja Tellez No, I am saying I would not agree she is not a bad person...maybe from one incident (like this crash), no...but given her past record and a string of bad choices, I would say it makes her a bad person.Nidia Aleja Tellez No, that's not what I am saying..I am not speaking on what impacted this crash. What I am saying is I would not agree with the sentiment that she is not a bad person...maybe from one incident alone (like this crash), no she may not b… See MoreHaril Nagar i totally disagree with you and your thought process I am more than sure you have a past as well never be quick to judge you are not GODHaril Nagar none of us are angels remember before we throw rocks at homes just make sure our windows are unbreakableDonna Delores Mckay I'm all right with you not agreeing with me or my thought process....I am happy knowing my past does not include reckless drving resulting in my infant child left behind being parentless, killing two including myself, endagerment of… See MoreDonna Delores Mckay same old lame consolations phrases... think consciously getting in a vehicle and driving 100+ mph on a 45mph residential street makes you a bad person. I think driving under the influence makes you a bad person. These things aren't whoopsie mistakes. These are conscious decisions she made selfishly with no regard for others.Donna Delores Mckay i just mention the struggle these kids are going tru today. Where did I say she was a bad person? 25 years old is old enough to consider her 3 year old child. I have a daughter and i really dont care what drove her to this. Maybe it was suicidal. No way you can do over 100 in that street on a wet pavement on a 100k sport car working on dave and buster....i am sure the passenger was the owner. I am a track driver and i know about cars and speed. Yes am an idiot, because just said what her court day papeworks confirmed today and wasting my time talking about a stupid 25 years old that decided to be irresponsible and almost kill 5.Mesmer Monzon Lopez and called me idiot. That's what's wrong with our society. Check her fb. Her whole family circle is tragically dead. Parenting is gone..i don't see a bright future for our society.

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