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  • User Description: No music exists on the film's soundtrack; as a substitute, all ambient sounds are "digital tonalities" created by Louis and Bebe Barren. Walter Pidgeon, Leslie Nielsen, Anne Francis and, in his debut, Robbie the Robot make up the film's cast.The movie, shot in Egypt and Palestine often in Biblical areas, tells the story of Jesus' life in 10 chapters, with scenes staged as tableaus. Actress Gene Gauntier wrote the script – although most inter-titles are direct quotes from the Bible – and portrays the Virgin Mary.The lovely images also mirror the historically fluid nature of the U.S.-Mexico border. The collection is a joint project between the Texas Archive of the Moving Image and Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi.Cinematographer George Hollister experimented with broad panning photographs as well as progressive digicam angles seldom mastered and even used at this point in cinema's evolution. By the time shooting wrapped, the filmed stretched to five reels at a time when three reels had been thought-about extravagant. Directed by Fred M. Wilcox, MGM's "Forbidden Planet" is one of the seminal science-fiction films of the Nineteen Fifties, a style that found itself revitalized and empowered after World War II and within America's newly created submit-nuclear age.Loosely primarily based upon William Shakespeare's "The Tempest," "Forbidden Planet" is both sci-fi saga and allegory, a well timed parable concerning the risks of limitless energy and unrestrained technology. Since its production, the film has proved inspirational to generations of speculative fiction visionaries, including Gene Roddenberry. Along with its literary affect, extremely influential special results and visual fashion, the movie additionally pushed the boundaries of cinematic science fiction. For the primary time, all motion happened intergalatically and humans are depicted as house vacationers, often jetting off to the far reaches of the cosmos. Additionally, "Forbidden Planet" is remembered for its progressive rating—or lack thereof.Worldwide travel The phenomenal success of "A Fool There Was"—based on a Rudyard Kipling poem and a subsequent play—set off a publicity campaign unparalleled on the time centering on its star, an unknown actress bearing the unique name of Theda Bara. Bara was promoted as "the lady with essentially the most superbly wicked face on the earth" and became filmdom's quintessential "vamp," engaging male pillars of society to relinquish family, profession, respectable society, and even life itself, while craving to remain underneath her entrancing spell. With such ego-shattering commands as "Kiss me, my fool," Bara's harmful powers appealed to ladies as well as males. Only one different movie from her heyday is understood to exist in addition to two she made throughout an tried comeback within the mid-1920s.

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