PalmVID DVR Desk Fan Hidden Camera with Built-in
36000.00 TK

PalmVID DVR Desk Fan Hidden Camera with Built-in

Uttara, Uttara, Dhaka, Bangladesh Published date: February 23, 2019

PalmVID makes "The Best Hidden Cameras You've NEVER Seen!" PalmVID brand hidden cameras are assembled in the USA featuring high-quality electronics that are installed into high-quality items.
Built-in HDTV high-quality video camera with wide field of view that delivers excellent performance in almost any situation.
Built-in DVR (Digital Video Recorder) features advanced motion detection recording mode that automatically starts recording whenever motion is detected.
Works with up to 32GB Micro SD Memory Cards to store up to 5 hours of motion-activated video recordings. Also features Loop/Recycle recording when memory card is full.
Full-Time Wall Power, Assembled in the USA, Free 2 Year Warranty. Free USA-Based Lifetime Technical Support from PalmVID.

PalmVID brand DVR series hidden camera, spy camera, nannycam, surveillance camera disguised as a functional desk fan with built-in DVR (Digital Video Recorder).

This type of hidden camera is commonly used as a nanny camera or a spy camera.
Its uses are virtually limitless.
It looks just like a normal home or office desk fan, making it almost invisible.
We hide the built in camera and digital recorder so well, you can put this item in any room safely without the risk of being discovered.

Recommended and popular for many reasons:

The desk fan DVR series hidden camera is great because fans can be found almost anywhere!
This desk fan works! It features a working 2-speed fan that can be turned on/off with the switch on the top.
It doesn't matter if the fan is turned on or off, the camera and DVR recorder will be on whenever the main power cord is plugged into the wall.
Can be easily moved around from one room to another without arousing suspicion.

This model is the DVR Series.

There are 3 models available that are built using this same desk fan. You may view and compare the other models on Amazon by searching for these Amazon ASIN numbers:

PVDESKFAN-DVR (this model)
PVDESKFAN-DVR-PRO: ASIN B078Z16539 (more advanced features)
PVDESKFAN-WiFi: ASIN B07868LTKG (live remote viewing)

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    PalmVID DVR Desk Fan Hidden Camera with Built-in

    36000.00 TK
    Uttara, Uttara, Dhaka, Bangladesh

    Published date: February 23, 2019

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